Commuters are Survivors

Communting in the Philippines seems like a fight for survival. (And, in some cases, it actually is.) With the incredible lines and tedious crowds, I’d take my train ride in Seoul, Korea, any day of the week. Their rush hour train cars may be “full” and there might be some elbowing, but it certainly doesn’t compare to the way our MRT (smaller than S. Korea’s) gets packed like a can of sardines. Plus, most of the stations I’ve been to have defective ticket machines, which is one of the reasons for the long line in the first place… Goodness forbid you get smooshed up to someone who neglects to apply deodorant. People here don’t just elbow, they cram their whole persons into an overfilled train.

The buses aren’t much better. You, at least, get the option of avoiding a crowded bus and getting on a more spacious one, since there’s always a line of buses everywhere. The downside: a lot of bus drivers here suck. They brake suddenly and overtake like there’s no tomorrow. Just check the news: a lot of traffic accidents here are caused by negligent bus drivers who insist on speeding and overtaking. Perhaps they forget that a bus isn’t the size of a Mini Cooper.

I’ve also mentioned to people time and time again that some cab drivers are the scum of the earth. But a whole lot has improved since the flag down rate was raised to P40. Only a small number of drivers ask to charge extra these days. They seem pacified. –at least, for now.

Today, I have encountered another commuter’s nightmare. An idiot. This one liked to collect pet bottles, screw their lids on tightly, then wedge the bottles under the wheels of approaching buses. The result would be a flattened pet bottle, but not before the crushing weight of the bus blew their lids off with a bang at high pressure and breakneck speed. In fact, the lid of an empty Sting Energy Drink flew uncomfortably close to my general direction. I wanted to whack the guy with a baseball bat. He was even amused, laughing at his activity! Instead, I opted to move as quickly away as possible and let karma deal with this dumb shit.

Derek Ramsay, endorser of Sting Power Lime, please kick this guy's ass.

As if it isn’t enough that commuters have to be weary of thieves and mad-hatter drivers…

He might just go Hulk on you...

I want there to be a politician who knows what it’s like on the hellish commute circuit in Manila. There may be so much controversy surrounding the appearance of NAIA to people who come in and out of this country every couple of weeks, but I hope no one forgets those who have to suffer through the particularly inefficient public transportation system EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.


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8 responses to “Commuters are Survivors

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  3. ynezcorriedo

    and also the buses are infested with roaches… that’s why I usually go a pied (by foot).

    • Buses? I’ve seen a small roach or two before. But I’ve gotten on a taxi that was so much worse. It, literally, had at least 5 full-grown roaches inside. And I was trapped in there on a long trip from Binondo to Cubao! I was so frightened.

      The driver was also mortified because that wasn’t his taxi. He just subbed for another driver who called in sick. We were all trying to kill cockroaches the whole time.

  4. Mao found you!! Must stalk your thoughts again. haha second life ko na as commuter

  5. Nadine

    When did that bottle cap incident happen?
    What a nice twist to “patintero/tumbang preso”; playing with buses instead of people.

    Sigh, imagine what would happen if we had subways. People’s stench of pee at every corner, discarded leaflets and tickets at the floor, flickering lights, and graffiti galore! Speaking of which, there is talk about building a subway in the Philippines. Not quite excited about that at the moment though. MRT palang patay na, how much more if we have a subway.

    Anyway there was a politician who, not really commuted, but biked all the way to his office. But I think, ultimately, something unfortunate happened to the guy. My parents and I always had a sense of pride in him.

    With all the weird and wacky things that happen to us when we commute, I’m just happy we haven’t experienced serious events like hold-ups or bombings.

    P.S. Are you sure it was a bottle of Sting Energy Drink that Derek Ramsey’s oh-so endorsing, hmm? lol

    • That’s what I truly don’t understand about this place. Things keep being done in such a half-assed manner: You have an MRT station, but the ticket machines are FOREVER broken. You have “security checks” in malls, but people still get to bring guns in. It feels like our own country has turned on us.

      Oo, sting yun. I saw the commercial over and over. :p

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