My Internet Gaming Phase

I always thought it was odd that boys are so into their violent video games. But I don’t want to invoke the wrath of hardcore gamers. Plus, I also found that the internet can be your procrastination wonderland if you let it. I was also the victim of spending too much of my free time rotting away and playing cutesy games on the net.

When I wasn’t busy, I would fall prey to the cuteness of Pet Society (where I had a blue rabbit named Kelly), Biotronic (sort of like Bejeweled, but with a bigger grid), and then there was Baking Life (a craze that swept the school, but I came in on the second wave when everyone was getting off).

Baking Life is kind of evil. The modus operandi is to get you to invite friends to work for you or make your bakery bigger once they accept your invitations. The more you expand our bakeshop, the more friends you need to get to the next level. So when you run out of friends to invite or your old friends stop playing regularly, you’re toast. Come to think of it, it’s like a kiddy pyramiding scheme, isn’t it?

Eventually, I started to get really busy with summer classes and time spent in the kitchen. I only got to play 2 times a week, so all my baked goods started burning and I couldn’t care any less. The final straw came when I saw their April Fool’s newsletter with bacon on top of the cupcakes. And though it was obvious that this was just a prank (which Google also does every year), I realized that this game was absurd. So goodbye, Baking Life!

Ok, it just got ridiculous.

P.S. As for the other games, I’ve gotten sick of them before I grew tired of Baking Life. But I’ll occasionally play Biotronic because that’s, at least, a little more challenging to the brain.


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