Oro Gold Manicure Set

I was in Eastwood City, Libis last Sunday, roaming around their new mall (the one with the dancing fountains in front), when I saw a small space to the side that sold 24k Italian gold-infused beauty products. I was intrigued but knew that it would be expensive for sure, so I did not dare come near the salesman who seemed only too eager to demonstrate the effects of the products.

Later, I passed by again and curiosity got the better of me, so my Dad and I started to examine their gift sets that lined the shelves. A European lady approached me and said, “May I see your hand?” I acquiesced to her curious request, and she immediately called the salesman over.

He pointed out that I had a lot of unsightly lines and yellowness to my nails. Then, before I could fully absorb what he was telling me, the salesman started to use this multi-sided nail buffer. He explained that 1 side was for removing the dead cells, another side was for encouraging oxygen into the nails, and another was for polishing. There were 4 sides, I think, so I may have forgotten what 1 side was all about.

After the process was finished, he wouldn’t let me see my thumbnail just yet. He had to pause for dramatic effect before letting go of my hand and allowing me to observe the results:

My right thumbnail was shiny like there had been a coat of colorless nail polish on it.

I was obviously surprised that I didn’t have to deal with coloring my nails (and subjecting it to acetone after) to get a very clean-looking result. Kitchen work takes its toll on your limbs. The hands, in particular. It is quite common to get rough palms and beaten-up nails. Sanitary codes forbid the use of nail polish and, naturally, you don’t get to let your nails grow much longer either. It was so much fun to see a natural shine on my nails.

However, beauty comes at a price. The buffer comes in a set (with some tea tree oil, a nail file, and a tube of hyacinth lotion) and costs P2,700+ (or was it P3,000+?). I knew even before they demo-ed the product on me that, bottom line, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The salesman mentioned that the shine would last up to 2 weeks, and he was right. For week 1, it had a high gloss like nail polish. For week 2, the nail survived daily activity and a cooking exam and still has some buffed shine to it after the week was up.

For those who want to check out this manicure set on the web, go to Oro Gold. Or you can scout out the small booth in the posh Eastwood Mall.


School Wars

Today, I stumbled upon a blog entry that documented a school paper war wherein members of one old Catholic school (School A) dissed the members of another (School B) for supporting the RH Bill. They said that School B was anti-poor and whatnot.

And all I thought was… “Here we go again, just like Jesuits vs. Dominicans in the 1800’s. We’re supposed to have gone a long way from the time of Rizal, but it seems to me that nothing has truly changed.”

Luckily, the author of the blog post was a bit more just in stating personal opinion. But since we’re on the subject…

School A was going on about how School B was dividing the church. I thought, “Well, technically, the fact that you have made yourselves into different sects is as much a division of the church as anything you are claiming.”

I seriously hope that they’d consider, even for a moment, ACCOUNTABILITY. You could comment all you want on being anti-poor, but when you get put on the spot to make RESPONSIBLE decisions that will affect your life and the lives of others, let’s see just how many of these “supporters” pass the test with flying colors.

Last night, I saw an expose on ABS-CBN’s xXx where they arrested an abortionist. It was mentioned in the program that a lot of the visitors of this abortionist were in their teens (15-16-years old).

These groups can argue all they want about what constitutes as an abortifacient, but nothing is more abortive than abortion itself. And that abortion was likely caused by misinformation, because it seems to me that some groups feel that members of the society are not entitled to the knowledge they deserve.

This is more than school spirit. This is about bringing the present and future generations up to speed  with what they seriously NEED to know.

And please don’t spout crap on how you can handle hormones or temptation or evil just like that. We are, after all, only human. –And the irony is that some of the people who give fervent support for School A’s stance are, I know for a fact, quite the hypocrites. There is a word for that: it’s called nagmamalinis.

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