Oro Gold Manicure Set

I was in Eastwood City, Libis last Sunday, roaming around their new mall (the one with the dancing fountains in front), when I saw a small space to the side that sold 24k Italian gold-infused beauty products. I was intrigued but knew that it would be expensive for sure, so I did not dare come near the salesman who seemed only too eager to demonstrate the effects of the products.

Later, I passed by again and curiosity got the better of me, so my Dad and I started to examine their gift sets that lined the shelves. A European lady approached me and said, “May I see your hand?” I acquiesced to her curious request, and she immediately called the salesman over.

He pointed out that I had a lot of unsightly lines and yellowness to my nails. Then, before I could fully absorb what he was telling me, the salesman started to use this multi-sided nail buffer. He explained that 1 side was for removing the dead cells, another side was for encouraging oxygen into the nails, and another was for polishing. There were 4 sides, I think, so I may have forgotten what 1 side was all about.

After the process was finished, he wouldn’t let me see my thumbnail just yet. He had to pause for dramatic effect before letting go of my hand and allowing me to observe the results:

My right thumbnail was shiny like there had been a coat of colorless nail polish on it.

I was obviously surprised that I didn’t have to deal with coloring my nails (and subjecting it to acetone after) to get a very clean-looking result. Kitchen work takes its toll on your limbs. The hands, in particular. It is quite common to get rough palms and beaten-up nails. Sanitary codes forbid the use of nail polish and, naturally, you don’t get to let your nails grow much longer either. It was so much fun to see a natural shine on my nails.

However, beauty comes at a price. The buffer comes in a set (with some tea tree oil, a nail file, and a tube of hyacinth lotion) and costs P2,700+ (or was it P3,000+?). I knew even before they demo-ed the product on me that, bottom line, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The salesman mentioned that the shine would last up to 2 weeks, and he was right. For week 1, it had a high gloss like nail polish. For week 2, the nail survived daily activity and a cooking exam and still has some buffed shine to it after the week was up.

For those who want to check out this manicure set on the web, go to Oro Gold. Or you can scout out the small booth in the posh Eastwood Mall.


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12 responses to “Oro Gold Manicure Set

  1. Hello, if I may plug, I’m selling my 2 extra Orogold Hyacinth Exquisite Manicure Sets at Php1,500 each. Free shipping na nationwide. I’ll give further discount if the 2 sets are bought. Just contact us at http://gotloadsofstuff.com

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. can i paint my nails after i use the kit? please reply asap thank you. :]

  3. Jenna

    I was forced by my friend to buy the manicure set for P1250, lol so expensive for a buffer/nail file/tea tree oil and lotion set but I guess it’s not bad compare to the others. Judging from all the online reviews most complaints are only about the price. I hope their product won’t give my nails/skin any crazy rashes or something. We bought ours at RP Manila. The sales rep was offering it to me for only P3000 then reduced to P1250, now after reading some complaints I totally hate myself and my friend who also bought the same set. The lotion that comes with it seems nice though.

  4. I was duped into buying that nail kit in Shangri La just this afternoon! 😥

    I was on my way to go down the escalators when a guy named Mark Brian casually handed me a sachet. He said it was a free sample so I shrugged and accepted it, thinking that was the end of that. Before I knew it, he had already led me away from the escalator, closer to their booth and faster than I can blink, he was already buffing my nail!

    He was talking so fast, I could scarcely understand him but he kept buffing and I thought, “Fine, buff my nail but I’m outta here after that.” Little did I know, I’d be conned and I’d have no one but myself to blame. 😦

    I had no idea how it happened. I’m normally a cautious buyer and I don’t usually give in to pushy salespeople but wow, this guy was determined to make a sale and he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Every time I’d try to leave, he’d find some way to stop me.

    I was dismayed to read plenty of similar complaints of the same thing even abroad!!

    I was too blinded with the results of the buffer. When he said it costs P1450, I laughed at how stupid it was. But who’s stupid now?

    He quickly tried to sell me the nail kit that supposedly costs P3600. When I kept chuckling at the price, he said he’ll sell it to me for P2500 cos ‘We have a promo until today only’. When I still wouldn’t budge, he leaned over and spooned me a lot of crap about how he really wants me to have this product and that I’m his first customer for the day and if I could promise that I’ll tell my friends about this product, that he’ll give me a ‘special deal’.

    Oh, I’m telling my friends alright. WARNING them about sleazeballs like you!

    He said he’ll sell the buffer for P1450 and give everything else in the set for free. And I was gullible enough to get duped.

    Later on, I found local ads online that sell the same damn thing for P1300. And if you buy more than one, you can get it at a lower price.

    I told him it doesn’t make sense to lower the price that much if he weren’t making any profit from it. He said he’ll use his ‘store credit’ because he really wants me to ‘experience the wonders of their product’ so he’s willing to use his store credit for me since he won’t use it for himself anyway. R-iiight.

    I bought it, hook, line and sinker.

    He even tried this body scrub that’s supposedly from The Dead Sea and it also impressed me. But there was no way I’m shelling out P3100 for another product. He again tried to con me into buying it and he’ll give the shea butter cream/lotion for free. When I kept saying no, he did the whole leaning over and whispering secretly act of giving me a ‘special deal’ of buying just one bottle for P1500.

    Well, it was a good thing I didn’t have any money else, otherwise, I might’ve been duped out of even more money.

    Never again. Never again. 😥

    I pray many others will read this and be warned. Please don’t end up like me. I thought I was a savvy shopper but even I was helpless at these very skillful, agressive, pushy Oro Gold salespeople.

    If you’ve got the money to burn, then go ahead. But I think they’re way overpriced and you deserve your hard-earned money’s worth.

    Oh, Mark Brian assured me that their nail buffers have a lifetime warranty. And told me I could just bring my old buffer, any time, no questions asked and they’ll return it. He said I won’t even be asked to present a receipt. I kept asking him to put that on the receipt but I again got blinded by his fast-talking and all that jazz that I only realized when I got home that the receipt (or the box) doesn’t say anything about a lifetime guarantee.

    Read reviews online and plenty of people have complained about the same shady tactics. Usually claims of being refused refunds even when they were initially promised one.

  5. pingbumblebee

    I love the actual products, as it seemed to be a good and effective one. But the sales strategy is extremely disappointing plus the products are overpriced.

  6. I moved at Olympic Heights, just at the back of Eastwood Mall, and I experienced the same thing last night. I was quite surprised that I let them do the demonstration to my nail and I was amazed. Then, I told the salesman that I’m just going to look for an ATM to withdraw and then he told me that since I was his last customer for the day (that was 9:30pm), he got a surprise for me. And lo and behold, I got another set for free! Woohoo! That was really nice =) I paid 2,550 and I got 2 sets and I was also given a complimentary facial session worth 7k =) I haven’t tried the facial yet and I’m excited =)

    • Riz

      I’m sorry to burst your buble, hun, but the sales rep who offered me the same product priced the kit (after the so-called discount, of course) at P1,500++. After Googling it, there are actually ads on Sulit.com.ph for only P1,300 per kit. I Googled some more and there are ads on Amazon.com for the kit for only $14 to $19 (exluding taxes, I suppose). But you’re right, it really is a good product. I’ve been meaning to get a set myself but the pricing thing is kind of dubious. : (

      • Hmm… Perhaps it’s a sales rep thing. They probably have this allowance for haggling. I guess even their high-end mall kiosk is still a haggle-worthy place. :p

  7. Thank you for the wise critique. Me & my neighbour were preparing to do some research about that. We received a great book on that matter from our local library and most books where not as influensive as your information and facts. Im really glad to see this kind of facts which I was searching for a long time.

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