Globe Complicates Things

Here’s an update on my quest for a new phone:

I hate Globe right now. I stopped by their SM Megamall branch and saw on one of the fancy touchscreen TVs that the Galaxy Mini was being offered. — Hey! I didn’t even notice that, since the Libis branch was almost closing when I inquired.

There I was, diligently waiting in line to have my questions answered. My turn came, and I asked the representative if I could use up my Globe Loyalty Points (I have 3 or 4 years on me). She checked my account and informed me that it wouldn’t be possible, even if I used the points to get a discount and pay the remainder in cash. According to her, the only way for me to get it is if I upgrade my plan from the P499/month to a P999/month.

Now why in the hell would I have to do that? I was already willing to pay the rest in cash! That’s already an instant asset for them. The Samsung shop offers it cheaper, so if Globe won’t even give me the benefits then might as well buy the phone where it has a lower price.

What bullshit.

Furthermore, I’m not loving the phones on display there. It’s all Blackberry and iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. But whatever happened to the more inexpensive models?… I honestly don’t get it. Have you completely abandoned your other customers? It seems just a little bit elitist is what I’m saying. And obviously, loyalty apparently stands for very little with this company.


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3 responses to “Globe Complicates Things

  1. ynezcorriedo

    And they actually bump off some amount in your load even when you’ve disabled the services you’ve availed from ages ago. Ate Fei is charged 15 pesos for a “game” that she doesn’t even play. Grabe lang.

  2. ynezcorriedo

    Same thing happened to my ma. She wanted a Blackberry pero ang daming hocus-pocus so she’s still stuck with her aging smart phone. 😦 Way to go Globe.

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