Review: L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum

Lash beautification is a serious task for women. If it wasn’t, would there be such an influx of products and services dedicated to making those short strands look thick and pretty? Going the natural route, the simplest way to maintain lash health would be to use a topical serum. It works similarly to conditioner for your hair but is, of course, safe on the eye area.

Hollywood beauties love Talika Lipocils, but the best local alternative I’ve heard of is L’Oreal’s Renewal Lash Serum (PHP800+). I’ve been using it for months now, and a review is long overdue.

Use it just like mascara

Like the usual lash serum, the packaging promises nutrients for your eyelashes that are meant to make them stronger, thicker, and fuller. The smooth blue lid of the product is a sleek touch, while the see-through body allows the user to keep track of how much serum there is left. The wand applicator isn’t hard to figure out. It looks like a small, fluffy scythe that transfers the product on to the lashes like mascara.

For months, I’ve been using this as part of my nightly beauty rituals. I swipe a thick layer on before going to bed. Though the instructions indicate that it’s okay to have this on under mascara, I’ve just never tried it myself. I don’t like the idea of the serum and mascara mixing together, because I’m afraid it’ll alter the mascara formulation and, subsequently, the way the black pigments cling to my lashes.

Most noticeably, the “hair fall” in my lash area has decreased. Usually, when I’m using makeup remover and cotton balls to eliminate eyeshadow and mascara, there are a few strands of lashes that get stuck to the cotton. This occurence has become less frequent over time. I find that waterproof mascara is drying, so the serum works as a moisturizer. In terms of length, I noticed slightly longer-looking lashes–nothing too extreme. To me, L’Oreal has delivered what it promised. ‘Nuff said.

Caveat: The biggest enemy here is consistency of usage. Daily mascara users, especially those like me who go with waterproof mascara, should be conscious with the regularity of their application. That’s when results start to appear.




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