Instant Glow Morroco [sic] Argan Oil Review

Morrocan argan oil is now officially a “thing” in Manila. Three months ago, I couldn’t find a bottle for sale in the malls. It was quite frustrating. Now, there’s argan inserted into every other sentence.

My discovery of a product stemmed from my own research on beauty products. I saw Josie Maran’s argan oil line in Sephora and thought to myself, “Wow, premium oil.” Then I went home and read that it was Jenna Dewan’s must-have product and, let’s face it, the girl has insanely gorgeous skin.

Unfortunately, weeks passed and my quest for argan oil in Manila’s big beauty stores were in vain. I eventually found small health/natural beauty boutiques peddling the miracle product for an arm and a leg. But to shell out almost PHP 1,000 for something that would possibly last me 2 weeks?… I don’t think so.

Luckily, I was shopping in Watson’s SM Megamall when a pleasant sales person approached me and got straight to the point. At the mention of PURE argan oil, I knew I wanted to hear the sales pitch.

The lady led me to the Instant display. –Yes, the brand name is “Instant”. It was pretty much the first time I took interest in their products, since the ladies there are usually busy peddling slimming solutions, which I’m terribly skeptical about. She took out  a tester bottle of said oil and dispensed a few drops to the back of my hand.

100mL of “Liquid Gold”

My first reaction was that of apprehension. I’ve tested my fair share of beauty oils intended for either body or face. Most are just greasy, and I end up worrying that they’ll only stain my clothes. This product seemed no different. The second thing I noticed was the pleasant scent. I read reviews  about how natural oils tend to smell nutty and raw, but that wasn’t the case here. Third, and to my surprise, the oil ended up getting absorbed into the skin with minimal greasiness. After a couple of minutes, I was amazed to find that it simply looked and felt like I applied a thin layer of lotion.

For a girl on a budget, PHP1,199 for a 100 mL bottle of Instant Glow Morroco [sic] Argan Oil (or PHP599 for a 30 mL bottle) isn’t an easy decision to make, especially considering that this is just oil we’re talking about. I gave myself 2 weeks to mull it over and canvas for anything more affordable out there.

Well, after much research and comparison to brands like Josie Maran or The Souq, on a per mL basis, the best deal so far was Instant’s 100 mL bottle. (It costs PHP 11.99 per mL, to be exact.) It’s even cheaper than the same brand’s 30 mL bottle, so I finally gave in and bought 100 mL.

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now, and my praise goes to its moisturizing properties. I’ve been hooked on moisturizers since I was 12 (no exaggeration!), and this was the first time I used a product that was not at all greasy! —To think that this is a non-greasy OIL. About 2 weeks in, my mother and aunt started making remarks about my face getting lighter. (Note: Initially, I never told them that I bought and used this product.) When I did happen to mention that I had this oil in my possession, they went to SM and checked out the display.

My beauty-conscious grandma got it as an impulse buy. She used it for a week or two and agreed that her skin did feel much softer after religiously applying it twice a day. My mom and aunt came next, buying 30mL bottles marked 10%-off when Watson’s had a beauty blowout sale.

We’re all on board about the wonders of its moisturizing effects. Jury’s still out on its supposedly miraculous anti-aging properties, but we did notice that some fine lines softened. As for scar lightening, the oil does help fade pimple scars faster, but I’m also big on exfoliation, so that probably had a hand in it as well. If you’re in it to get rid of freckles, then you may be disappointed. Finally, don’t forget to layer sun block on top of this when you leave the house.

Another find would be Body & Face Thairapy (PHP 1,450 for 100 mL) at Rustan’s Department Store, which has the same scent and thickness as Instant Glow.

Overall Rating: Instant Glow Morroco Argan Oil

Moisturization = 9/10

Anti-aging = 7/10

Lightening = 8/10

Eliminating Dark Spots and Freckles = 5/10

Value for Money = 9/10 = At the very least, it’s a damn good moisturizer and a simple, straightforward product.

Update: I got to try the new Naturelle d’Argan Pure Argan Oil Elixir (at around PHP 1,400 for 50mL) at Beauty Bar. Their oil is much more liquid than that of Instant’s and the scent is more raw and comparable to that of cooking olive oil. I’m guessing Instant’s and Body & Face Thairapy’s oils have gone through some sort of deodorization process, while Naturelle d’Argan may be more natural.


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52 responses to “Instant Glow Morroco [sic] Argan Oil Review

  1. Marlynn

    Hi yung Instant Beauty Within (Magic Soap but not soap bar type, its like a cream type) did you already review that Magic soap?Is that really good for sensitive skin? Thanks

  2. Alex

    Hi ask klng 3 days na kc ko using ng argan oil sa face ko na read k n need pla ng protection Para sa araw ano ba at saan ako maAri ding makabili at what brand ang Para sa instant argan oil na ginagamit ko pang protection sa face ko Para sa a raw salamat

    • Any sunblock naman pwede ipatong, after niyo maglagay ng argan oil. Usually sa araw, yung pinaka-sunblock ko is BB cream (Etude House or The Face Shop) na kasi mataas na SPF ng karamihan ng ganon, and color na rin. So makeup na rin siya.

  3. Hello Marielle! I was looking for more argan oil reviews when I found the link to your site. You wrote about it na pala almost three years ago! I bought a big bottle of argan oil from Rustan’s just a month ago. It’s Lea Lift Argan. The salesperson was quite convincing so I went for it. I’ve used it inconsistently for the past weeks because I had a bad breakout and I had to return to my regular routine so I’ll know which product caused the breakout since I also used a new toner and serum. My skin is kinda back to normal so I plan to use this 2x a day again. Are you still using the Instant brand from Watson’s?

  4. i’m looking for a product that effective to reduce my dark spots and pimples on my face .. so i’ll try to go at sm valenzuela watson and ask the staff kung merun sila product for that.. and sbi nung isang staff dun mganda daw yung argan oil.. very convinving naman yung sinabi sa akin nung staff about argan oil but i doubt bka kasi may maging side effects sya sa skin ko or face ko.. i want to make sure na kung bibili ako ng product yung worth it sana.. i mean syempre expensive yung argan oil.. so gusto ko kapag binili ko sya mgiging confident ako na mgiging good effect nya sken now i want to ask if…..
    is it really effective argan oil for reducing dark spots and pimples? then effective din ba sya for dry hair and freezy hair ? ano pa kya pagalingin ng argan oil?

    wait ko reply niyo po thanks..

    • The brand I used, Instant Argan Oil, I found to be a gentle moisturizer that just so happened to help the skin glow. I wouldn’t say that it is for reducing dark spots or pimples, since I didn’t notice effects on that aspect. Not sure if you will get the same effect when using other brands, so I don’t want to promise anything.

      As for using it on hair and body, medyo tipid ako gumamit kasi sa face ko lang nilalagay. Haha. Medyo nasasayangan akong gamitin sa buhok, but it’s also because I have a hair oil/serum naman.

      Thanks for writing. 🙂

  5. i’m looking for a product that effective to reduce my dark spots and pimples on my face .. so i’ll try to go at sm valenzuela watson and ask the staff kung merun sila product for that.. and sbi nung isang staff dun mganda daw yung argan oil.. very convinving naman yung sinabi sa akin nung staff about argan oil but i doubt bka kasi may maging side effects sya sa skin ko or face ko.. i want to make sure na kung bibili ako ng product yung worth it sana.. i mean syempre expensive yung argan oil.. so gusto ko kapag binili ko sya mgiging confident ako na mgiging good effect nya sken now i want to ask if…..
    is it really effective argan oil for reducing dark spots and pimples? then effective din ba sya for dry hair and freezy hair ? ano pa kya pagalingin ng argan oil?

    wait ko reply niyo po thanks..

    • Balitaan mo ako, if you decide to go for it. 🙂

      • Meena

        I tried the Instant brand and it works like magic with dry hair! I always applied two pumps to my hair everyday and dang good hair day araw araw. It also works well with strech marks sakin. I don’t use it as a moisturizer cause I get breakouts 😥 it’s still worth purchasing tho it’s really nice.

  6. I just bought instant argan oil from sm department store watsons.
    Its now white and has too many ingredients(Switzerland),unlike before its gold and pure (Korea).
    Any suggestion where to buy the real ,pure argan oil please.

  7. djrb

    Hi :). Thanks for this review. I’ve been thinking of buying the Instant Glow since it’s the cheapest argan oil product I’ve seen yet. Although I wonder if the two products (Instant and Naturelle) have different effects? Whether one has better effect than the other?

    • Good question. I have yet to try out Naturelle, but it’s still on my list! To me, the raw, less-processed argan oil translates to a more unadulterated oil, so it might work better or faster. HOWEVER, Instant does work on me, so I wouldn’t knock it even if it’s not as “pure” or raw as others.

      If you intent to use it on your face, I suggest you start with Instant Glow, even just the smaller bottle. If you want to use argan oil on your hair, Instant Glow’s serum-like consistency might annoy you.

      • Juvy

        Hi have you noticed that the manufacturer of intantl is different now. It used to be made in Korea but their supply now is coming from Switzerland…Would you recommend other brands of argan oil made in Korea? That is what I find more suitable for my skin type kase

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  9. JA

    Aside from megamall, saan pa available yung argan oil?

  10. blessie

    buy it over sm watsons marikina department store

  11. Cindy

    Thanks for the review because I just bought this product as well a week ago at Watsons Megamall. Well I hope I would have the same result as yours. I might try the Naturelle d’Argan Pure Argan Oil Elixir after this Instant. 😀

  12. so far what brand works best for you?

  13. Remalene Bulay

    hi i want to ask lang po if your argan oil pump is leaking? i just bought mine lang po today and then nagpump lang ako ng isang beses and then close ko na sya. pagkabukas ko nakita ko na may mga oil all over the pump area of the bottle.. is this normal po ba or may damage yung pump ko?? thank u po for answering 🙂

    • Hmm…That didn’t happen to me with argan oil. Pero baka kasi first time mo i-pump. Diba sa una kelangan pindutin paulit-ulit bago ma-dispense? Baka nasobrahan lang. Pero check niyo na lang ulit next time. Once you’ve wiped down that leak, after you pump again on your second use, baliktarin niyo ang bote. Dun niyo na siguro malalaman kung nagle-leak talaga, so you can have them replace it immediately. I also have a bottle of Human Nature Sunflower Oil and nagleleak nga when I upturned the bottle. Di ko tuloy mailabas ng bahay.

  14. may denise torres

    i bought instant glow argan oil and soap, after using it for 5 days my face becomes dry and there is skin peeling. is these natural? my wrinkles become more visible.

    • Hi May Denise,

      I’ve reviewed the argan soap as well. To me, the soap was drying for my combination-type skin, so it may have triggered what happened to yours (especially if you have a dry skin type to begin with). My mom and grandma have sensitive skin, but have not had any negative reaction to the oil, though they haven’t tried the soap. I suggest you stop using the soap and see if you still get the same reaction with just the oil.

  15. ana

    hey there , I’ve been reading the reviews bout the argan oil and I really want to try it , so bought one and using this argan oil for about 2 weeks now , well, I notice something in my face , like rashes on my cheeks.
    is this normal ?

    • Hi Ana,

      What brand have you been using? From the people I know who are using argan oil, I haven’t heard of any allergic reactions. There are two things that immediately come to my mind in your case: Either your skin still has to adjust to the nature of this product, or what you bought may have been impure. Try using it for a week or two and see if the problem persists. If it does (or the rashes get worse), discontinue. There is also the case of sensitive skin, wherein you simply aren’t compatible with argan oil. It is, after all, natural but not necessarily hypoallergenic/dermatologist-tested.

      Best of luck to you on that.

  16. Hi guys,
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    We are importing the highest quality of Argan Oil , our product is being distributed in selected pharmacies in Malaysia.
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  17. Cristine

    I just bought argan oil awhile ago at Watson at first I hesitate to buy it because its quite expensive but then brand ambassador convince me with her short speech about it that it is really effective and some actress uses this also as she say so.. I hope it really work for my skin xoxo..

    • From my experience, it works nicely. No breakouts or allergic reactions. People commented positively on my skin to boot! I also use it for the dry skin on my elbows and ankles, as well as (occasionally) rubbing a few drops onto my hair before bed. Good all-rounder product. Hmm. Wonder who the actress is…

      Best of luck to you on the argan oil. Happy moisturizing! 🙂

      For more reviews, please visit my new blog: Food+World+Me

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  19. Thanks for sharing your experience about your hunt for Argan Oil. I’m sure it will help a lot of people who are budget conscious when it comes to buying beauty products.

    I’d like to introduce my brand, CarmenClaire Cosmetics. We sell beauty products from all over the world, including 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. You’ll find that our Omnia Botanica Argan Oil fits all the criteria, except that it comes in a clear glass bottle with dropper, inside a box. Like many reputable brands, it’s certified by ECOCERT. No carrier oils, no extra ingredients, just Argan Oil.

    It comes directly from our supplier in Italy, who sources it directly from Morocco. Because of this, the oil comes to us as a finished product. We don’t buy in bulk and repackage it into smaller bottles. And at P575 a bottle (30ml), it’s the most affordable Argan Oil out there.

    People may wonder why it’s not in the 4-digit price range, but CarmenClaire is all about products that just plain work, without breaking the bank. I don’t believe in jacking up prices because that takes the fun out of shopping for beauty products.

    Check out our whole range of Argan Oil products, including Pure Oil, Face Cream, Hair Oil and a lot more:

    Follow CarmenClaire on Facebook:
    Follow CarmenClaire on Instagram and Twitter: @CarmenClaireCo
    For orders and inquiries:, 09189078960

    Good luck to you and your blog!

    – Carmen

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  21. Argan oil is an excellent product.. For this, we find a very high price in the market. Argan oil health benefits

  22. Lean Malapitan

    What are the ingredient

    • Not sure about any additional ingredients, but the Watson’s sales people are insistent that it is 100% pure argan oil. I believe them, but I have to say that I’m also sure that the product has been deodorized. The raw oil version smells “malansa”, yet this one smells good. Either way, it works for me, so I don’t mind that it’s been deodorized.

  23. Lean Malapitan

    Where can I buy the product?

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  25. Hi! This is a nice comprehensive guide. Would you mind me adding your link to my blog post?

  26. cathy

    how to use th this

    • Hi Cathy. You use it just like moisturizer. Apply to freshly washed and/or toned face. Massage into skin. You can layer sunblock or moisturizer over it, or you can use it on your skin or hair. 🙂

  27. Jenhrder

    i can relate so much.. me too was on hunt for a good argan oil. The sales staff at Watson’s have tried so many times persuading me to buy and i always tell not until I read reviews of it. So after reading some and research, comparing prices and whatnot , i went back to Watson’s and finally bought Instant Glow Argan Oil and Soap. All i can say is– i LOVE it!

  28. Emmie L. Cruz

    Good write up. I am using same product for 3 weeks now, and I like the results. I am a 55 year-old woman, and recently many friends and associates comment on how young look now. I always go to work now sans make-up, face powder but nobody notices i am bared face. They compliment on how glowing my face is.

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